10 Ways To Feel Immediately Better And Stop Depression

If you want to understand what is depression. Make sure to visit Andrew Richardson’s website.(non-affiliated.) He will show you how to beat depression using a simple approached.

If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments. Life is better when people treat you with respect. Especially, when they acknowledged you… You feel good. You feel like you exist in this world. You feel happy. Unfortunately, beating depression on your own can be hard. Especially if you are lonely. Or you feel isolated from the world. You might think that nobody cares about you. In the worst case scenario, you want to kill yourself. Your life is a mess.

Stop Worrying and Depression

You start thinking that you will never be happy again. If you were to weight all you problems in a weight balance scale. You would know that there is no hope for you.

You have so many problems that no one can fix. The good news for you is that for every problem: There is 10 solutions.

10 Way to Destroy Your Depression

If you are hungry, there is 10 ways to eliminate your hunger completely. But when you have depression, you only see the 10 negative solutions. You mind is locked to see any hope. In your mind, there are no opportunities to beat depression. Everyone has problem in this world. The only people that had zero problems are dead on the cemetery. If you think that nobody cares about you, stop paying your bills completely for several months. Then, that’s when you know that your existence is important

!People that have passion are rarely depress. The day I beat depression was when I found my passion. And I found this website by mistake. Click here for more information.Start being grateful for your problems… I know, you might be thinking how can I be grateful if I lost my job and I have 3 kids to feed. The reality is that sometimes life throws you lessons for you to learn.

You can either learn the lesson or become stagnated. If you ever look into the river, you will see the water keeps going, and when its stop flowing, it starts to stink.

So whenever you start complaining. It means that your stop going with the flow of life. There are only lessons to learn in this life. If they fire you from your job… Perhaps it was a good thing. Maybe, you have being working on the same job for years with no increase. And it was time to move on. Maybe your wife is being telling you to save money, but you were always stubborn and never save. And now you just learn a lesson that you need money for emergencies. Problems are only an opportunity to grow. If you see your problems in this setting, they will be easy to solve. You will see problem as a challenge rather than a struggle.When you have a lot problems.. and you become depress. The best way to beat depression on your own is to act happy. Fake it until you make it. If you act and behave happy… You will beat depression. 😉 A course, just like anything, you must take action if you want to beat depression.

Here are 10 solutions that will help you beat depression on your own.

  1. Dress to impress – Usually, when you feel depressed, you let yourself go. ..You showed the world of how depress you are because of the way you dress. The sad thing is that nobody wants to be around a depress person. Yea, maybe your sister or your mom wants to be around you, but they might also be depress too. So how does an other healthy human being knows that your also a healthy human? Simple answer. By the way you dress. Do you look clean? Do you look presentable? Mmm.. do you smell? If you do not care about yourself. Why should other people care about you?If you are a kid or you have some physical disabilities. Then is acceptable that you will need other people to help you. Other than that, you have all the tools to beat depression. When you have depression.. You should look at your best all the time. Even when you go sleep. It should not be an option because when you dress good, you feel good. Dressing good indicates that you value yourself. It indicates that you won’t tolerate second class behavior.
  2. Drink water – When you are dehydrated, you feel down with low energy. You should be aiming to drinking at least 2-3 litters of water daily. I usually carry my water bottle everywhere I go. (The way I wont forget) ?
  3. Shutdown out negativity – Television sometimes can increase your depression. Stop watching violence shows. News are always showing violence because violence sells.Shutdown your television and go outside and get some fresh air. Also, try to avoid negative people. I know is hard, but try to avoid them as much as possible.
  4. Exercise – I started feeling the difference once I started exercising. I had always suffered from poor appetite due to my depression. When I started to exercise, I was hungry and happier again. You do not have to exercise to be perfect like in the cover of the magazine. But if you want to be like them, why not? is your body and your life. 🙂
  5. Organize your life – Does your room looks messy when you wake up, or are you embarrassed to give someone a ride on your car because is a mess? Whenever you feel down, maybe is because all the dirty laundry and dirty clothes on your floor.Clean your life, and you will look and feel better.
  6. Be willing to sacrifice – only if you want a better life. This is one of the most important things when you are beating depression on your own. Most of the people that had everything in life is because they work hard. Whenever you see a successful person, you can be the person, but you must be willing to be pay a price if you want to become successful.
  7. Enjoy Life – When you love yourself, you enjoy life. You see something that you like, you buy it. Why? …Because your love yourself.You see those beautiful shoes on the mall. You will buy them. You see the new Mercedes that barely came out. You will buy it. I am not saying to go in the debt.I am just saying that if you love something and you can afford it. Buy it. Reward yourself.
  8. Learn to breath slowly – When you breathe slowly, you are giving up break to your own body. Learn the habit of doing nothing. Sometimes, we want to do things all of the time. Eight hours work, eight hours sleep, and eight hours recreation – Brigham Young
  9. Live below your means –  When you buy something, make sure you can afford it. Every time you buying a new car, a new cell phone, you are giving away your precious time in this world.
  10. Make new Friends – If you have close friends. Congratulations.! Learn to keep them.! If you were like me, lonely and depress. The world is not over. all my friends run away from me. Now, I know why I couldn’t beat depression on my my own. When I started a conversation with a friend. I was either worrying or criticizing.