Postpartum Depression Breastfeeding – It’s Importance

Is postpartum depression breastfeeding a concern? PPD or most popularly known as “baby blues” is a condition that affects almost 70% of women after giving birth to their baby. There are many women who have been able to successfully overcome the symptoms . However, it is important to note that there are differing types of postpartum depression and at first it can look like the normal blues, but the depression could be more severe and long lasting. This could cause problems for both the mother and the baby. Negative feelings of guilt and worthlessness, anxiety about hurting the baby,


Natural Depression Remedies – How To Treat Symptoms

If you suffer from depression or know somebody who does, you may think that treatment for this serious disease is as simple as using a few natural depression remedies or a quick trip to the doctor’s office. While it’s true that depression may be addressed by either prescription drugs or natural remedies, a combination of both is probably more effective. First of all, when we use the term depression, we’re not speaking about a spiritual slump, or a bout of sadness brought about by a lover’s spat. These circumstances may cause a temporary sense of unhappiness or hopelessness, but real


Does Depression Come Out as Anger

My ex was constantly angry, sometimes before anyone spoke to him! Being the person I am, I tried to understand, went to therapy myself, where I was told that the problem needed to come in. I battled that for nearly 10 years till I gave up, but would really like to have some answers to what baffled me for so long. Sometimes (not often) he would even apologize and say he did not know why he acted like that, but more times than not he was simply angry and if I didn’t know the reason, he certainly wasn’t going


Fish Oil For Depression

So, I know it’s a little long, but here’s the whole story of my battle with depression and how I finally found something safe and effective to treat it. I know this is a difficult time of year for a lot of people, and if you’re one of the millions out there dealing with any form of depression I really hope this helps you take the first steps towards beating it. It’s still hard for me to make anyone understand the devastating effects of depression if they’ve never experienced it themselves. It’s like this deep pit you can’t climb


Causes For Clinical Depression

The exact causes of clinical depression are not yet fully understood. Usually more than one factors, collectively, are responsible for the development of clinical depression in any person. These external factors may be physical, psychological, hereditary or environmental. It should be noted that all these factors may cause the condition in one person but not in the other person. The ability to resist these external factors or triggers is different in different persons. Following are some of the important causes, discussed in detail: Biological Causes If someone in your family has depression you are more likely to develop the


Childhood Depression

Although you may not think it, children of young ages can actually suffer from depression. It may seem obvious how adults and adolescents could suffer because of the things they face in their lives, it may be harder to see how a child could suffer from it. The fact is that children can experience depression just like anyone else. Although it may seem like most young kids do not have much to worry about, there can be certain circumstances or triggers. One of the things to keep in mind with little children is that they might not be able


Depression In Women

I am sure everyone has heard the saying “men are from mars, and woman are from venus.” Well, to say that men and woman are from completely different planets is a little extreme, but there is no doubt that the two genders are very different both physically and emotionally. One difference is that women tend to show and express their emotions more than men do, so it could potentially be easier to tell if a woman is suffering from depression. Signs Depression occurs at a higher rate in women, so it is important to be on the lookout for


How to Help Someone With Depression

Do you know someone who is currently suffering from depression, or possibly someone you suspect to be? If so, you will want to be sure to exercise care and caution when talking to them about it, especially if they have not been diagnosed with the disease yet. If this is a person that you care about and want to see get better, there are a number of things that you can do to help them get through their depression, here are some ideas to get you started in the right direction. Have They Been Diagnosed With Depression? If you


Depression in Men

Ask just about any living, breathing human being and they will probably emphatically tell you that men and women are extremely different. Of course this is obvious, just by looking at and observing them, but emotionally men and women are also very different. What that means is that mental disorders, such as depression, affect them differently.Traditionally people thought of depression as a disease that mostly effects women. While it is true that women suffer from depression at a higher rate than men, there are a lot of men who suffer symptoms of depression Signs of Depression in Men The


Postpartum Depression Symptoms – a Chemical Explanation?

By all accounts postpartum depression symptoms are easily recognizable: You struggle to keep the house in order. Your crying child is such a burden you can’t even find the time for a shower. You are constantly sad and wondering if you are losing your mind. You are feeling guilty because you don’t have that warm glow when holding your baby. You are irritable towards everyone. You feel ashamed because you are supposed to be ecstatic with the new baby’s arrival. About 70% of new mothers experience the so-called postpartum blues for a few days. But a significant number of