10 Things To Do When You Have Depression

Natural cures for depression could be hard to find especially if you don’t want to take medication.

The best natural cure for depression that I have found is to get to know yourself better.

I know you probably came to this website expecting a Magic pill. But the magic pill does not exit. And if it exists it definitely has lot of side effects.

If you get to know yourself then you will be able to cope with your problems better.In fact, you will be able to find the root of all your problems.

You are probably saying: “I know myself already”. Honestly, I don’t think you do! Only few people in this world are able to know themselves completely.

When you know yourself, you will find inner-peace. Happiness. You will know your purpose in life. You will know all your weakness, and you will know all your strengths.

If you would know yourself then you would not be here finding natural cures for depression.

Getting to know yourself is a journey. It can be hard because when you get to know yourself it means taking a close look at your weaknesses.

It means analyzing yourself… Analyzing yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Because is painful. And we usually try to avoid pain as much as possible. We are experts at running away from the source(s) of our own pain.

HopeIn this journey I found a lot cures. But the cures that I found may not work for you. Just like a certain medication can work better for your body, than it does to me. We are all different.

I decided to avoid the Magic pill. I decided to find cures on my own. And one of the ways to do that was to get to know myself better.

Because most of the problems in my life has to do with the person living inside my body.

I know is hard to have depression. Because many people don’t understand. Many people will claim that they have the best cures for depression.

If you tell your mom that you feel sad…. She won’t understand your depression. She will tell you all you need is to think/focused on happy things… and you will feel better. But what about if you already did, and you still feel depressed?

It is like when you ask a friend the fastest route to go to heaven… Some of them will tell you to read the Bible and follow it strictly. Other friend will tell you that heaven does not exist.

The reality is that people are going to give you different advices because they have different experiences. Some of them will tell you that they know the cures.

Every person is a whole new world.

Nobody knows the best cure.

Your duty is to realize that everybody lives in a different world different from yours. Therefore, people will give advice according their own beliefs, and experiences.

You must find quality information… Because too much quantity of information can make you more depressed. There is lot cures for depression here in the Net…

But you have to be clear that there is quantity not quality.

If you are depressed, your goal is to be happy. So if you go to a doctor, he will tell you the fastest route to be happy is by following a medication regimen.

If you go to a psychologist, he/she will tell you… Pay me this amount of money for 10 visits…. And I will show you the best cures.

There is nothing wrong with consulting a doctor… but most medical doctors… All they do is to treat your symptoms..

If you have a headache… They tell you: “here take some Tylenol.”. If you lack appetite… Here take some more medication. Doctors rarely deal with the root of the problem.

I know, I get migraines every time I skip a meal. If I did not know that skipping meals gives me migraine(the root of my migraine is skipping meals).

If I did not know the root problem, the doctor will probably prescribed me a pain medication… and he will ignore the actual root of the problem.

Medications usually treat symptoms, not the roots of the various problems.

If you have depression, the doctor will only treat the symptom of depression, not the root of this problem.

Psychologists could probably do a better job than doctors.They can hold your hand and guide you to the right route. The route to become happy.

The only problem that I see with a psychologist is that is a slow process to cure your depression. A long journey. It might take months or even years to see results. So if you want quick results, a Psychologist may not be one of the best cures for your depression.

I started curing my depression about 2 months ago. I decided not to go to a Doctor or to a Psychologist. It would have probably helped me a lot.

But I decided to enjoy the journey.

I decided to go from point A to point B. Where point A is depression and point B is happiness.

Maybe, if I have visited a psychologist, I would be in point B right now. But I would have missed the journey.

I know that even if I am point B right now… It is impossible to stay there permanently because we live in a fast pace world.

But what I have learned is the more you know about yourself, the stronger you become. I don’t get depressed that often. Maybe because I don’t seek approval from anyone.

Before I used to get depressed when a person rejected me. Not no more. When you choose to get to know yourself, you will become happy and stronger.

Whatever is causing your depression right now is not going to be significant 20 years from now….

In this journey, I have learned a lot about myself. I found a lot cures for depression. I have learned to listen to my emotions, to listen to my body, to feel peace within myself.

Couple of months ago, I slept a lot. I slept more than 13 hours daily. I was too lazy. And I used to have a migraine all the time. Because I was too depressed to eat.

I did not know myself… Some times, I felt anger for no reason. And sometimes, I felt anxious. Other times, I just wanted to kill myself. I did not know the person that was living inside my body. I still don’t claim that I know that person living inside my body, but I am getting to know him slowly.

I know the person inside of me loves to self-sabotage. He loves to be lonely. And he loves to have clutter everywhere. Sometimes, he wants to sleep a lot.

And sometimes, he wants to cry for no reason. I don’t judge him. I just observed.

I know humans hate changes. So this person living inside my body is no different. I am slowly changing him. I am teaching him good habits. For example, my room was always messy, now is impeccable. I feel good finding cures for my depression.

I still have a lot of bad habits, But I am changing them into positive one, one by one. And is working, I don’t eat fast food anymore. My waist line went from 35 to 33. I have more energy. And I feel good about myself.

I don’t own a microwave. I cook my meals the old style (on the stove with a frying pan). When I had a microwave, I was lazy.

I used to go the market, and buy frozen food. So I put it on the microwaves, and then eat it. I don’t do that no more. If I want to eat then I have to use the stove.

I know that I can become happy without taking medication. Because I know myself more than any Doctor or Psychologist.

You know your needs more than anyone. If you think medication will help to cure your depression. Then go and take medication.

If you think you need to go to a psychologist… Then go. You know yourself better.

I decided not to go and asked for help. Because I am enjoying the journey… and I love it!. Maybe is not the shortest route to cure my depression, but from my own perspective, I think is the best.

Here some of the many cures for depression that I have found:

  1. Make your own decision. Try to make decision on your own without anyone assistance. If you make a bad decision, then learn from the experiences, and move on. When you are in a “low mood”, avoid making life changing decisions. Don’t sign any contract. And don’t try to make any decisions that will jeopardize your future. Hold any decisions, until you feel better.
  2. Reward yourself constantly. My definition of depression is not loving yourself. When you reward yourself, you are loving yourself. I have different ways that I reward myself. I usually buy a Monster drink(I love this drink), or I usually eat Pizza. I always practice moderation. So don’t try to eat 20 slices of pizza by yourself. I only eat to satisfy my craving, so use moderation.Others free rewards that I constantly use: is getting a hot shower, reading a book(I guess I am nerd), and watering my plants. Some days, I love to fix my house. This rewards only work for me, but they might work for you. Every day take an inventory of the things you enjoy… and do it often… and I guaranteed you, you will feel good.
  3. Create. Direct all your depression energy into some creative. For example, when I am in a low mood. I want to write. Other times, I like to work out. In fact, I usually get one of best work out when I am depressed. Some people like to paint when they are depress. Some people write sad songs. Experiment… what are the things that you love doing? If you like to sing: experiment singing while you are in a low-mood, you’ll be amazed.
  4. Stand up for yourself. Two weeks ago, I went to a Mexican restaurant and I found a fly on my drink… I returned it immediately. I felt good. Because back then, I would not complain at all. Now if I have a problem with my phone bill, I call customer service right away. Even though, sometimes, they put me on hold for hours. The reality is that people take advantage of people that don’t stand up for themselves. Sometimes, even your family can take advantage of you when you don’t speak up.
  5. Avoid processed food. I don’t think it was a coincidence that I immediately felt happier, once I stop eating fast food. As a result, my energy level went up, and now I don’t get depress that often. Before I used to eat fast food everyday, I don’t know if there is a chemical or something that make you depress. But I would not doubt it. Now I usually cook my meals at home.
  6. Clean your room. You first task of your day should be clean to your room. You spend at least 1/3 of you life in you bedroom. So make sure is clean and organize. Also, make sure you sleep in a comfortable bed. Your room and your bed should be a place where you feel calm, where you feel secured. Your room should look impeccable. Make a habit to clean your room everyday.
  7. Monitor your habits. Small habits lead to big habits. If you have a mess on your room, you probably have mess everywhere. My room used to be a mess. And I found out that everything in my life was messy, my car, my garage, my bathroom. So I was a messy person.
  8. Observed other people. Observed other people that you think are genuinely happy. Watch their habits. What are they doing right? Watch other people that you think are depressed. Analyze them. What are they doing wrong? I know is hard to find out who is sad and who is happy. But one easy way to find out who is happy is to observe how the person treats an other person. If the person criticize or complains a lot… Then, that’s not a good sign of happiness.
  9. Eat more fish. If you don’t have the time to eat fish. Buy a fish oil supplement. Studies have show that criminals have low DHA(A fat that is included in a fish oil tablet) Other studies show that people with anger problems have low DHA levels on their blood stream.
  10. Join a club. Humans being want to feel belong to something, whether is a gang or a business, we want to feel connected to other people. I do Martial Arts. It has helped me lot on my journey to cure my depression.

I’m enjoying the journey of curing my depression on my own. It can be hard to find the ones that work because it takes time, and a lot of awareness.

I don’t know if I am doing the shortest route. But I do know that I am going to the right route because I hardly get depress now.

I am curing my depression on my own, but we are all different. What works for me, it may not work for you. Your emotions intensity might be different from mine.

You don’t know what’s going to help your depression until you try. Experiment with different things. If finding cures for depression is hard for you. Seek professional advice.

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